With the rapid development of semiconductor industry, increasing the size of silicon wafers, integrated circuits, more intensive, making the chip maker made ​​of quartz manufacturing industry is more demanding, QH order to prevent the contamination occurs during processing, ensuring raw material quartz high purity, with ten thousand of the quality control room, dust-proof room welding, annealing, the quartz component and a high standard and CNC cutting machine room, in strict accordance with ISO9001 standard management of production. For the manufacture of stable performance, high-precision quartz products provide a reliable guarantee.
QH quartz products with advanced processing equipment, testing equipment and modern management tools. Into the implementation and seriously implement ISO-9001 quality system standard, and strictly control the production process so that product quality can be improved and remained stable. QH staff of "sincere service, excellence, customer first" philosophy and high-quality products win praise from customers.

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